I lied…

Instead of days, they’ve decided to put me on a split shift, 1pm to 1am, maybe for a month, maybe longer. Thankfully, if I decide that I can’t do that, I can scream bloody murder. Other work related stuff: I got “schooled” on TCP/IP, with the whiteboard and all. It was cool, even if I was nearly braindead, but I remembered stuff. I like remembering stuff. It’s better than forgetting stuff. I’m hoping to sleep straight through tonight, but not holding my breath. It’s hard to sleep and hold your breath.

Trying to decide if I put enough randomness into this post. Oh, and my epic Spam post has brough in some poor unfortunate bastards. Unless they were looking for spam, then they ended up at the right place.

Oh, and I got to see the spam filtering site where I work. I felt right at home.

And no, I haven’t felt like writing. I should, but the lack of sleep kicks my ass. In fact, I’m going to bed after I eat a sammich. I’m not going to take bets on whether I’m going to sleep through the night or not.

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