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Brilliant stupidity

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2017 by brenatevi

Something that amazes me everyday is how clever humans are, even during our most mind-numbingly stupid moments. Wait a moment — ESPECIALLY during our moments of idiotic brilliance. I see these moments on occasion during my job as a security professional, and the lengths people will go to do something dumb just astounds me. They will take pain-staking steps to go out of their way to get their pcs infected. If something doesn’t work, they will keep trying, even though what they are opening up is actually a boat load of pain. Doesn’t matter that they shouldn’t be expecting a packing notification for a package to their work email, THEY WERE EXPECTING A PACKAGE! ! !  And by gum, they are going to open that packing notification if it’s the last thing they do.  
It has a sort of terrifying beauty, watching people work their hardest to harm themselves out of idiotic determination. And the worst part? These aren’t stupid people. They are you and me (and yes, I’m including myself in this, because here’s a secret: I’m not immune.)  Even the most intelligent person is vulnerable to the phishing bag of tricks, even if you are more than slightly paranoid, because they are very good at what they do. At their best, they know how to short cut the decision making process we all depend on, and it takes a highly developed discernment to even have a chance against them. And even then, it’s just a chance. If they catch you at the wrong moment, with the right tools, you too can be one those determined idiots.

On change

Posted in Uncategorized on September 7, 2015 by brenatevi

You want to know why Donald Trump, with his woman hating, racist, bombastic talk, is leading some polls? Because there is a substantial number of Americans that are afraid of change. All of the symbols that they have depended on are being torn down, and there is exactly shit they can do about it. Whether it’s marriage, the flag of a failed nation, meaningless demographics, or the perception of our heroes, they are all being ripped down. And that scares people because we NEED symbols to keep us together. How else do you explain people willing to go to jail because of their beliefs, or willing to deny the fact that there is a problem with police, despite the inarguable evidence that has come out over the past year that cops have been acting badly (a moment for Freddie Gray.)

The sad part about this is that there is exactly nothing we can do to assuage their fear, because the changes are coming, Hell or high water. The only hope I have is that things don’t get too much worse before they get better.

Here’s Ben Folds singing.

Everything was fine syndrome

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2015 by brenatevi

The mistaken belief that the past is better than the present, due to ignorance of how fucked up the past really was. Quite often accompanied by the belief that people are getting dumber, despite evidence that shows that our ancestors on average were capable of greater feats of stupidity than today.

Ways to piss off creationists

Posted in Uncategorized on June 2, 2015 by brenatevi

“You know that by believing that the bible is the literal word of God you are engaging in idolatry?”

“If disease and death started when Adam and Eve ate the Apple, what did viruses and bacteria do before that?”

“If God wanted Adam and Eve to live in paradise, why did He make the Tree of Life in the first place? And left it unguarded? And watch the whole Fall from Grace happen without protecting His children?”

“Free will is useless without knowledge. Unless you understand that what you are doing is wrong. Would you throw a three year old out of your house for disobeying you?”

“If God is omniscient, how come He didn’t know where Adam and Eve were hiding? Or what happened to Able?”

“Believing that the earth was made 6,000 years ago would require that God be a liar. How else do you explain the Hawaiian islands, and other volcanic islands? How do you explain the speed of light and supernova; if those stars were closer they would probably kill us. Or how about distant galaxies? Or cosmic rays? I could keep going, but if you don’t have an answer for those, the rest will just be compound interest for your ignorance.”

Why do people ignore/forget the past?

Posted in My Addictions, Politics, Uncategorized with tags on April 8, 2014 by brenatevi

There’s a popular fiction in government that they can control events. It’s been shown time and again that the harder governments try to control things, the more likely that events are going to spiral out of control. Russia right now is trying to ride the tiger that is nationalism, and they are going to discover that is a very, very difficult beast to get off of.

If you don’t believe me, I will give you the example to end all examples: World War I. It was nationalistic fervor that triggered that bloody pointless war that has reverberated for almost century. Yet, no one ever remembers the insanity that lead up to that horrific period of time. It’s either that, or people think that they are immune to the march of history. I’m not sure which is worse.

JoPa can go fuck himself

Posted in Complete and Utter Plog, Fuck this shit, Uncategorized with tags on November 12, 2011 by brenatevi

Sorry Gift about making a American Football related post, but I had to say this somewhere…

Penn State, if you guys say that this game is for Joe Paterno, you will officially be my most hated team ever. Joe Paterno fucked up in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine and caused unimaginable, preventable pain. So if you try to make this game about him, I will root against your football team every single game. I will hope your sports programs fail in every way imaginable (especially in bowl games, where I tend to root for Big 10 teams… I won’t any more if you make this game about JoPa.)

Basically, I will hate your team more than Michigan, and Ohio almost went to war with Michigan.

Worse than the Disease – an STO biography

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 5, 2011 by brenatevi

So I’ve been playing STO pretty non-stop lately. They have added a system called Duty Officer (aka doff, verb doffing) and it’s awesome (to me, at least.) And the fleet that I’ve been in since the beginning is pretty cool, but one of the guys kept asking me to put in my biography, especially after he noticed that my character has a twitch. (Most of the fleet have liberated Borg, since we’re all Lifetimers.) Well, there was a story to that twitch that I have finely got around to telling tonight.

Eventually I want to create a series of missions in STO in a “Choose your Own adventure” format that fleshes out the rest of the story. (“Will you stop the voice in Zwicken’s head, or will you too become its minion?”) I’ll post a rough draft of that later. So anyways, here’s the bio.

Zwicken was an average drone, on an average cube. Ony the Hive knew what planet she originally came from, and she didn’t care. There was the Hive and that’s all that mattered.

And then came an Assimilation that went very wrong. One moment she was in her socket recharging and the next the entire Hive went deadly silent. Her eyes snapped open to see all of the drones around her thrashing. Her own body felt out of control. But that wasn’t the worst part: the emptiness where the hum of the Hive once was threatened to tear her mind apart. She collapsed to the ground, desperately seeking out the comfort that had been the Hive. She felt something that wasn’t the Hive, but it was better than the emptiness, so she headed towards it. The something became a whisper, and then became a voice that said things that made her regret leaving the emptiness…

Some time passed, and she wasn’t alone with the voice. Hands gently lifted her, and a kind voice said, “We have the last live one. Returning back to the ship.” Her eyes fluttered open to see familiar shapes, people in space armor she thought, carrying her on a stretcher away from the place she called home.

It took the Starfleet vessel that found her and her hivemates a long, arduous year to get back to Federation space. The voice was quiet through most of it, and Zwicken was able to regain control of most of her functions, but was left with a twitch that earned her current name, given to her by a German engineer that became almost like a father to her. Her number was forgotten, because the voice made her forget.

Life had acheived a new normal for Zwicken. That is until they reached the edge of Federation space and ran into some Orion Syndicate marauders. It was then that the voice awoke again…