Brilliant stupidity

Something that amazes me everyday is how clever humans are, even during our most mind-numbingly stupid moments. Wait a moment — ESPECIALLY during our moments of idiotic brilliance. I see these moments on occasion during my job as a security professional, and the lengths people will go to do something dumb just astounds me. They will take pain-staking steps to go out of their way to get their pcs infected. If something doesn’t work, they will keep trying, even though what they are opening up is actually a boat load of pain. Doesn’t matter that they shouldn’t be expecting a packing notification for a package to their work email, THEY WERE EXPECTING A PACKAGE! ! !  And by gum, they are going to open that packing notification if it’s the last thing they do.  
It has a sort of terrifying beauty, watching people work their hardest to harm themselves out of idiotic determination. And the worst part? These aren’t stupid people. They are you and me (and yes, I’m including myself in this, because here’s a secret: I’m not immune.)  Even the most intelligent person is vulnerable to the phishing bag of tricks, even if you are more than slightly paranoid, because they are very good at what they do. At their best, they know how to short cut the decision making process we all depend on, and it takes a highly developed discernment to even have a chance against them. And even then, it’s just a chance. If they catch you at the wrong moment, with the right tools, you too can be one those determined idiots.

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