Thanks Republicans for nothing

I have lots of words about the hypocritical stance Republicans are taking. Blaming liberals for the hatred aimed at Trump? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so fucking tragic. They laid the groundwork for this by standing by and nodding as he spewed out tons of hatred. They refused to condemn him even as he fomented hatred. They did nothing as he told his supporters to abuse people that disagreed with him.

As for the media? If every Republican had stood on the stage and condemned Trump for his actions, then the media would have had to pay attention, but instead they hoped to take advantage of the anger, hoping to ride his coattails to the White House. And now we are where we are, and finally they woke the fuck up to the oncoming train wreck that is Donald Trump. Thanks a whole fucking lot Republicans. You are about to reap what you sow, and the United States is going to pay.

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