On change

You want to know why Donald Trump, with his woman hating, racist, bombastic talk, is leading some polls? Because there is a substantial number of Americans that are afraid of change. All of the symbols that they have depended on are being torn down, and there is exactly shit they can do about it. Whether it’s marriage, the flag of a failed nation, meaningless demographics, or the perception of our heroes, they are all being ripped down. And that scares people because we NEED symbols to keep us together. How else do you explain people willing to go to jail because of their beliefs, or willing to deny the fact that there is a problem with police, despite the inarguable evidence that has come out over the past year that cops have been acting badly (a moment for Freddie Gray.)

The sad part about this is that there is exactly nothing we can do to assuage their fear, because the changes are coming, Hell or high water. The only hope I have is that things don’t get too much worse before they get better.

Here’s Ben Folds singing.

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