Ways to piss off creationists

“You know that by believing that the bible is the literal word of God you are engaging in idolatry?”

“If disease and death started when Adam and Eve ate the Apple, what did viruses and bacteria do before that?”

“If God wanted Adam and Eve to live in paradise, why did He make the Tree of Life in the first place? And left it unguarded? And watch the whole Fall from Grace happen without protecting His children?”

“Free will is useless without knowledge. Unless you understand that what you are doing is wrong. Would you throw a three year old out of your house for disobeying you?”

“If God is omniscient, how come He didn’t know where Adam and Eve were hiding? Or what happened to Able?”

“Believing that the earth was made 6,000 years ago would require that God be a liar. How else do you explain the Hawaiian islands, and other volcanic islands? How do you explain the speed of light and supernova; if those stars were closer they would probably kill us. Or how about distant galaxies? Or cosmic rays? I could keep going, but if you don’t have an answer for those, the rest will just be compound interest for your ignorance.”

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