A post where I lose my train of thought about Russians

SFgate.com article about ethnic boundaries.
While I agree with a lot of points in the article above, the writer misses the point of what Putin is doing: it has nothing to do with race, language, or religion. And honestly, we’ll never get everyone to sit down and draw more sane and humanitarian borders that reunite any of these tribes, for the same reason: they don’t give two shits for anyone but their own tribe.

So why does Putin go through these motions if he doesn’t really care? Ego. Actually, ego is why people follow him despite the fact that he is obviously a titanic asshole. He shows that he can be a savior to an entire people, and he makes the people he’s “saving” feel more important. Never mind the fact that other people that aren’t part of the Russian tribe want no part of this charade. Remember how I said it had nothing to do race, religion, or language? Well, in hindsight, I guess it does, but only as an excuse to feel important. Actually, this entire post might be rubbish, but that’s ok; I’ve written posts even worse than this.

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