So I might be growing up

In either a sign that I’m growing up or a sign of the apocalypse, I actually have up the chance to argue with an idiot that said that there was no proof that evolution was real, and that it was fine to teach Creationism in school. Yup, I actually passed that chance up, mainly because he kept talking, without giving me a chance to rebut his fallacious logic, so I said fuck it, told him that he was wrong, and walked out. I think I’m sick, but it wasn’t just that… It was time for me to go home, and I’m not going to waste my time with someone that was that beyond reasoning, especially since I have a beautiful wife and daughter waiting for me.

Still, me being me, I’ve thought about it some, trying to think of a simple rebuttal to all of the creationists that say there is no proof for evolution, and today I came up with a three step example that shows that evolution is not bullshit.

1) antibiotic resistant bacteria – so relatively recently, we came up with something wonderful: antibiotics. They took care of a host of illnesses, as they wiped out bacterial infections with ease. The problem is that bacteria have built up defenses… you know evolved.

2) We all start out life as a single cell. Now think about it – if bacteria, a single cell organism can adapt, evolve, then why can’t we, since we start off on the same foot?

3) With that in mind, how do we go from a single cell to the walking, talking messes that depend on bacteria in our guts to survive, and can be felled so easily by the same little critters?

I realize that this isn’t going to convince any hard headed creationist, but at that point, they don’t want proof, they just want excuses for why they are right.

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