It’s tab cleaning time!

Yeah, I’ve been accumulating tabs for a while, gathering link upon link showing that while Obama might not be Hitler, he is a complete hypocrite. Seriously, for a man that promised to shut down the spying, he has done exactly the opposite. I’m not sure if he’s stupid, evil, incompetent, or just bloody arrogant. My guess is the latter, where his shit doesn’t stink, and everyone around him has no incentive to disagree. It seriously makes me want to weep for our future. So with that out of the way, let the linkage commence, before my tablet kills Chrome for bogartting RAM:

And we want to trust these jokers with ALL of our data –

Yes, let’s drop malware that can be repurposed and make the Internet less secure –

Not security related, but proof that getting rid of these assholes is going to take a whole lotta work-

Great, the Government is taking part in the PC zombie apocalypse –

Hell, everyone is surveilling you right now –

I have nothing clever to say about this one –

So yeah, the CIA is trying to dictate what happens during an investigation against them –

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