Coming back for some Old Testament Ranting

Yeah, it’s been a loooooong while since I posted here. A lot of things have happened in the past two (three?) years, but they are incidental to my rants, which is what this blog is for. (As an aside, my stepson has a blog where he “rants,” but I don’t think he really knows what a good, vicious rant is like. And I don’t intend to educate him any time soon.)

So, a couple months ago, I tried to read the Bible literally. Biggest mistake I ever made.  I got to Chapter 6 of Genesis, and I wanted to throw the book through a window, burn down all of the Literalists house, and beat all of them with a rubber hose. I’ve talked about this before, but I feel extremely strongly about this.  (This and the NSA/spying has taken Apple’s and Al Gore’s place as my push button topics.)

So, what did I find so upsetting about the book about my literal reading of the Book of Genesis?  Well, let us set aside the fact that it outright contradicts itself (Man is created twice, with animals created before man in one version, and created after man in the other) and look at the Fall from Grace, the Big Original Sin. In that portion of the story, God creates two Trees, *neither of which Man was supposed to eat from: the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life.  Now, God tells Man not to eat from them, lest they die. And then He basically leaves them alone with these forbidden trees. Now remember that Adam and Eve were basically children, completely innocent. And God left them alone with what amounts to deadly weapons.

I want you to stop and think about this for a moment: if you as a parent leave a loaded gun where your children can reach it, who is responsible if they shoot themselves?  You are, you fucking dumbass. It doesn’t matter if one of your older children talked the toddler into doing it, you left that fucking gun where they can reach it. And everyone and their brother would be shocked and blame you for being a dumbass. Yet, somehow, God gets a pass for doing exactly that, mumbling some excuse about God giving us free will or some other lame excuse.

“But I don’t read the Bible that way,” someone once told me. Well, as someone that got neglected and abused, I can tell you that is exactly how abusive parents act.  For example: I got a message from my mother accusing me of keeping her from seeing my daughter, and yada, yada, yada. She basically tried every guilt trap (as opposed to guilt trip, because I’m refusing to fall for that shit again [Ha!]) that she could possibly think of.  And I didn’t read every line of that email because it is the same shit she has been pulling my entire life: it’s my fault that she is a fucking shitty mother. Oh, she never said that directly, but she’d bitch and moan when things didn’t go her way, and then take it out on me. Or my siblings. Yeah.

Oh, and when you look at Christ in this light, he’s a patsy: oh look, I’m giving you My only Son to atone for your sins, except it was My mistake that put you in this position in the first place. You’re welcome.

But let’s put that off to the side, and then consider the root of the problem (ha!): The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  So here’s a stumper for you: why did God make the tree in the first place? If He didn’t want Adam and Eve to have knowledge of Good and Evil, then He shouldn’t have created the tree. Yet, there it was.

Let’s think about this some more: people that worship the literal truth of the Bible, believe that having knowledge of good and evil is a sin. (Although as I’m writing this out, it’s more likely they believe disobeying God is the original sin, but I haven’t asked, and quite frankly, I don’t think I really care.)  But whatever they believe, the effective result is this: they are trying to keep people ignorant of the facts that lie outside the Bible. Why else would they be so damned afraid of evolution, which has been demonstrated by tons of evidence? Sure, it’s incomplete evidence, but there is plenty of proof in biology and geology that support it. And like the earth, it keeps piling up.

Before I let this bone go for a bit, let me ask you a question about Intelligent Design: if God is so perfect, then why are there so many species that have some fucked up sex? Just read the link at the end and ask yourself, “Can I really believe that a kind and loving God designed this?”  You should be able to guess what my answer is, but I’m really curious what other people think.

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