I feel better, I swear

Ok, after today, I’m not going to hate on Penn State anymore. Losing didn’t hurt, the students didn’t riot for JoPa, and I think I have officially quit giving a shit for college football. I still think JoPa is… well, JoPa helped ruin at least eight future young men’s lives. He might not have been the aggressor, but he did nothing. Silence is the greatest killer.

And this is going to sound bad (when did that ever stop me from saying it here?) But the worst part is that lawyers are now involved, and they are going to profit from this carnival of suffering. I read something about JoPa’s lawyer going for a loophole for the impending civil suits.

God, you listening? I rarely ask much of you, because I know You’re busy (or maybe not) and I’m used to carrying the load myself, but please, please send a little thought to these scum buckets’ heads that any money made will go to child abuse prevention. I’m not one to deny someone their coin, but the thought of someone getting rich(er) off of this is a bit much for me.

Even better, JoPa could redeem himself in my eyes by negotiation a settlement and donating a fat bag of cash to this cause. He’s old, and soon won’t need the money anymore.  I can deal with someone buying their way into Heaven this way.

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