Worse than the Disease – an STO biography

So I’ve been playing STO pretty non-stop lately. They have added a system called Duty Officer (aka doff, verb doffing) and it’s awesome (to me, at least.) And the fleet that I’ve been in since the beginning is pretty cool, but one of the guys kept asking me to put in my biography, especially after he noticed that my character has a twitch. (Most of the fleet have liberated Borg, since we’re all Lifetimers.) Well, there was a story to that twitch that I have finely got around to telling tonight.

Eventually I want to create a series of missions in STO in a “Choose your Own adventure” format that fleshes out the rest of the story. (“Will you stop the voice in Zwicken’s head, or will you too become its minion?”) I’ll post a rough draft of that later. So anyways, here’s the bio.

Zwicken was an average drone, on an average cube. Ony the Hive knew what planet she originally came from, and she didn’t care. There was the Hive and that’s all that mattered.

And then came an Assimilation that went very wrong. One moment she was in her socket recharging and the next the entire Hive went deadly silent. Her eyes snapped open to see all of the drones around her thrashing. Her own body felt out of control. But that wasn’t the worst part: the emptiness where the hum of the Hive once was threatened to tear her mind apart. She collapsed to the ground, desperately seeking out the comfort that had been the Hive. She felt something that wasn’t the Hive, but it was better than the emptiness, so she headed towards it. The something became a whisper, and then became a voice that said things that made her regret leaving the emptiness…

Some time passed, and she wasn’t alone with the voice. Hands gently lifted her, and a kind voice said, “We have the last live one. Returning back to the ship.” Her eyes fluttered open to see familiar shapes, people in space armor she thought, carrying her on a stretcher away from the place she called home.

It took the Starfleet vessel that found her and her hivemates a long, arduous year to get back to Federation space. The voice was quiet through most of it, and Zwicken was able to regain control of most of her functions, but was left with a twitch that earned her current name, given to her by a German engineer that became almost like a father to her. Her number was forgotten, because the voice made her forget.

Life had acheived a new normal for Zwicken. That is until they reached the edge of Federation space and ran into some Orion Syndicate marauders. It was then that the voice awoke again…

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