Hey, what do you know? My opinion has risen from the dead!

Before I start this rant, I need to remind people that I am not the biggest fan of Obama. I think that he was oversold, and tried to do way too much, and his followers had an unrealistic expectation about what an American President can do. (a semi-related aside: What in the hell is up with “We’re going to take back Washington?” From whom? If you tell me the other party, I’ll go Aaron Burr on your ass. And for who are you taking it back for?¬† For me? Who thinks I want it back in the first place? You all can keep it.)

OK, with that said, I think Hank Williams Jr. made an ass out f himself when he compared Obama to Hitler, and I think ESPN is correct for wanting nothing to do with him anymore. Something that bugs me about this is people have been abusing the phrase “My First Amendment Rights” way too often lately. The First Amendment only has to do with the GOVERNMENT trying to shut you up, not a private entity like ESPN. This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard about this, and unfortunately won’t be the last. Why can’t people see that you have every right to be an insufferable asshole, but everyone else has the right to either ignore you (my favorite tactic) or completely disavow you (“Look, you are being an asshole. Everyone shout down the asshole!”) I’m not a big fan of this tactic; it brings attention to someone that really doesn’t need it. Paying attention to assholes like that just feeds the trolls. Of course, there are the ones we should be paying attention to, like anyone that seriously wants to do some damage… Yeah, it’s a bit tricky. But honestly, I’d rather the assholes be as noisy as possible, so that way I know where to shoot when they become dangerous.

But that’s just me. And my attitude might change if the asshole tugs on the wrong strings…

One Response to “Hey, what do you know? My opinion has risen from the dead!”

  1. Giftmacher Says:

    I’m with you mate, hand the tossers rope.

    Yup Obama is most certainly not the second coming, but that doesn’t make him the anti-christ either… why don’t people listen to themselves a bit. Might stop them looking so ****ing dumb.

    It does annoy me when people reach for the Nazi/Hitler comparisons; it’s rarely, if ever, justifiable. I’d be less irritated if it didn’t simultaneously trivialise what the Nazis got up to… Black humour is all good, but anyone earnestly trying to draw parallels has a serious malfunction. Moreover, they can’t realistically expect a business to provide them with a platform for, or appear to turn a blind eye to, their delusions.

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