It’s been a while…

So in the time since I’ve last typed, my sister’s ex-boyfriend went fucking nuts, I didn’t feel safe leaving her there with him, so she ended up living with me for over a month, along with my nephew. Needless to say, this was very stressful, and it didn’t help that I was finally starting to get my head back in one piece after the couple months long bout of severe depression (I’ve always ran close to the edge, but I finally got knocked down hard.)

So the stress, and the fact a certain person is a bit of a control freak, finally lead to a blow up at work: I self-imploded. There were two parts of that… “conversation” that just broke me down inside: 1) “I know. I read the email and understand what I did wrong.” “Obviously you don’t know or you wouldn’t have done it.” and 2) which is the biggie… he was starting to get mad at me, and I was at the end of my own patience “do you want to go to my office to talk?!” “Let’s.” When we got there, I shut the door, and he laid into me: “There are six things you need to know 1) 2) Do not disrespect me in public! 3) “

Yup, he acted like a complete controlling asshole. Which was exactly the wrong thing to say to me, especially right then. It took me about an hour to get my crying under control. Yup, when I say “self-imploded” I broke out into wailing sobs; it was preciisely like having stitches ripped out, except instead of blood, it was a nightmare 35 years old.

A week later, I talked to his boss about what happened… and I didn’t throw the asshole under the bus. Instead, I suggested that I stay on nights (strangely enough, I’m sleeping better this way. Not perfectly, but better.) I was as calm as a person that had got assaulted can be.  (OK, the irrational anger is starting to come back now. I had tried to be rational about the whole thing, and for a while I was, but now I’m wondering if I was making excuses for the asshole… and the thought of that makes me angry. Why should I have to make excuses for other people’s bad behavior? While I wasn’t innocent in that deal, no one deserves to be treated like,especially not me. Taking the high ground sucks, unless you intend to plant some artillery up there… hmmm, artillery.)

Any ways, she’s here tonight because she sprayed down some flea killer in her bedroom, and needs time for it to take effect. Oh and her ex-boyfriend is being a dick. I’m tired of egotistical assholes; the boy needs help and is in complete denial about it. Well, if he doesn’t want help, then I won’t give him any. I’ll take care of my sister and nephew, and he can go fuck himself as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, and while I’m at it, an article about the socialogical effects of alcholol on bad behavior. The thing I find tragic is that people in the comments section completely missed the article’s point. People really don’t listen to themselves, do they?

Edit: changed one line to protect the identity of a certain person.

3 Responses to “It’s been a while…”

  1. Giftmacher Says:

    I thought you’d been quiet lately, hang in there mate. With a bit of luck your boss will get the boot (or better yet run over) eventually.

    Did you mean to link to this at the end there:

    I thought it might be Kate Fox, did I recommend her book “watching the english” to you? It’s well worth a read.

    I agree there’s a whole lot of stupid in the comments for that article.

  2. brenatevi Says:

    I`ll be alright. And just because he’s an unsympathetic jerk doesn’t mean I want him dead… that quickly.:-P

    And yes, that is the link I meant to make. You haven’t told me about that book. Looking for it in ebook right now.

  3. Giftmacher Says:

    It’s very funny and pretty accurate, Dr? Fox does a brilliant job of dissecting some of our social quirks:

    queuing, negotiating a pub, apologising reflexively talking about the weather etc.

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