Internet fame is fleeting

So, I am no longer on the first page for Andosex Googles. This makes me sad, partly because it means that I haven’t been writing much lately, not even for this piece of shit that takes about much effort as searching for Andosex and then… uh, err, yeah. Some… research later makes me understand why Andosex is popular, and considering my tagline, I understand why people come to my blog. Don’t think I feel sorry for the people after some thought, since all they have to do once they realize that there is no porn here is to hit backspace, and continue on to greener pastures. which makes me sad also, since I love the thought of someone getting pissed at the lack of porn here, and then go into a frustrated rant at me. Why? Because I’m so frustrated all the time anymore, and want to pass my pain on to others.

On the other hand, I have been feeling bad lately because I have become such a jerk lately, even beyond the bounds of this “mental dump,” and that doesn’t make me giggle. I really need to do something to change my life and soon, before my assertion that “if I haven’t killed anyone by now, I doubt I ever will” becomes a bold faced lie. Especially since certain friends keep telling me that murder is an option. Gee, thanks for encouraging me to re-enact “Falling Down.”

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