The Joys and Pitfalls of OCD

Once again I dove into the breach, as another computer was sat before me, wounded and crying, “Bren, you must save me!” And Lord, this was one of the funkiest problem children I had seen in a long time (and everyone that knows me knows that I have come up against many a strange problem in the 17 years that I have worked on computers.) The damned thing was so bloody inconsistent, one moment acting one way, and then acting a completely different way the next, and then to resume its petulance the next moment I tried to make it work. I tried different hard drives, DVD drives, power supplies, and SATA cables, to come to a most unfortunately conclusion: the motherboard died a very strange death. Actually, it was most likely the SATA controller that died, but since getting a good quality controller card costs about as much as a motherboard (and with uncertain results; I’m not sure if I have ever gotten an OS to boot off a PCI controller card) I told him he was better off with a new mobo. Which he did. But there was still a couple hurdles to jump, with much hilarity to ensue. The first, I forgot to make sure that the current case wasn’t mATX (which it was) and we had bought an ATX board (new case needed). The last hurdle was one single cord I forgot to connect to the mobo. There was a bit of hand wringing on that one, as I wasn’t sure if I had toasted the CPU when I moved it to its new home (a very expensive mistake,) but in a sudden flash of insight, I remembered that one cord. Once hooked up, it worked like a charm, even if installing Win7 was bloody slow, but hey, that was a shit ton more than what the old mobo allowed; it hung on 0% for over an hour.

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