Hitting the limit of my patience

Sometimes, I can only think in the staccato of the Instant messenger, hitting enter after each half-assed thought. And right now I should be asleep, but I got interrupted big time… This is what I IMed Kiv, thinking he was still awake…

brenatevi: I have had it
brenatevi: I got woke up at 2am by cussing and loud music, again
brenatevi: and then there is the ankle biter next door
brenatevi: I wasn’t completely awake after the first onslaught, but the incessant barking that followed that up prevented me from going back to sleep
brenatevi: and the fucking son of a bitch says that he isn’t trying to be a problem
brenatevi: but obviously he is absolutely clueless
brenatevi: because even after all of my complaining, he still pulls this shit

I went to bed at 11. 3 hours later, I’m awake, although I’m starting to feel like I might fall back asleep soon. I’m ready to kill now.

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