The last straw – again & “I can’t believe”

I went to days, happy times, right? Right?! My upstairs asshole neighbor had the subwoofer on at 3am in the fucking morning (just wanted to redundant that properly) last night and Thursday night, and is particularly obnoxious tonight. Thank God I decided to hold off on homework tonight, and pound it out tomorrow or I’d be really pissed. Tomorrow or Monday (depending on how the Lab and HW goes) me and the front office are going to talk. The funny thing about this fuck up is that I keep finding new reserves of patience from somewhere. If we could mine wherever that patience comes from, we’d fix the “energy crisis.”

But anyways, I was watching X-Files today while at work, trying not to fall asleep (decided I needed vacation this week so somehow have got to work that out…) and realized that the show wouldn’t work in today’s world. In particular, there was a scene where Mulder was spying on some Japanese transporting an alien, and my first thought was “Dude, use your cameraphone.” This was 1995(1996?) so no cameraphones. Beyond that, does anyone really thing that in this Wikileaking-world that aliens would really stay secret? There was a scene where soldiers massacred some human-alien hybrids, and I thought, “One of those soldiers would give up the secret eventually.” It’s too big of story. That isn’t to say that it isn’t possible, but I’ve become skeptical in the past few years, and until someone gives me some hard proof, so not believing in it.

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