Asimov laid seeds of my cynicism

I started to read the Foundation series again, and there have been many lines that I have unknowingly echoed over the years (mainly the predictability of the masses when it comes to historical events) and I was watch the crisis happen in Egypt, I can only nod at how accurate he and I as his unknowing acolyte have been. Granted, I might be rong, that the people of Egypt might choose the sane route, but people are people… They will believe in the lies of a few, hopeful even in the face of hatred. But people like to blame others for their own misfortune, especially if they are a high profile target, standing out from the crowd. Just ask the Jews.

But even with this potentially soul crushing outlook on life, I have hope, even if it’s in a back handed sort of way. Or as Marcus from Babylon 5 said, “I take comfort in the unfairness of life, because think what if we deserved all of the terrible things that happen to us.”

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