Taking the challenge

Going back and catching up on Surviving the World, instead of doing homework (I still have 4 days to get it done, but after the disaster of the last homework question, in addition to the fact that I still have to work tomorrow, along with the fact that I’m going to be busy all day Saturday… Ugh.) So any ways, the challenge is taking a cardboard box and thinking of twenty things it could be.

So the start of the list, because this little post reminded me that I better start that homework now, instead of blowing it off until it’s too late:

The future of trash compactors!
My cousin’s remains after a tragic corrugation accident
A warning to future generations if “this side” isn’t up
A car stereo in an alternate future where everything is made of cardboard
A car stereo in a third world country
Someone’s house in a- never mind, joke dead on arrival

OK, done screwing off.

Oh, will be posting my homework from my webdesign class somewhere, eventually. The monkeys demand it.

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