Taking the challenge part 2

I got angry on my way to work (supposed to be full vacation day) and I’ve decided that I have had enough of working for anyone else, and that I’m going to become a writer full-time. Now, I’m not going to do anyting foolish, like quit right now, but I do need to quit slacking all the time.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, so why didn’t do this before? Never felt confident enough to do it. Wasn’t motivated enough. Spent most of the time depressed. It was easier to not write. And I could go on and on with excuses. Well, tonight I found the steel core of anger that I could build my writing on. Whenever I’m slacking, I’ll just think of that anger and go “Right, here we go.”

Now, for the box:
7) Good: Tomorrow’s lunch. Bad: last week’s lunch (same joke, different day)
8 ) A cat’s worst existentialist nightmare
9) Cop bait
10) My hamster, Herbie *sniffs sadly*
11) “My name is Chris Williams and I’m with Dateline.”
12) Enough bubblegum for everyone
13) Why I haven’t been on a date in eons
14) How Muhammad got the mountain to come to him
15) Charlie Sheen’s latest girlfriend
16) Enough anger to power a thousand suns
17) spam, spam, spam
18) Some REAL homeland security
19) Some Monkey Business
20) And last, but not least, and because I couldn’t resist… Dick in a box

So there you go, 20 things the box could be.

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