Started playing STO again, created new character

When I play any MMORPG, I don’t tend to create an avatar, I create a character. I come up with at least something of a story, even if it’s one dimensional (since I spend maybe 15 minutes actually writing the first character concept, I’m happy to get any dimensions at all.) So here’s my newest StarFleet captain:

Karelias has lived an unreasonably unremarkable life, except for one thing: she was born angry. There really wasn’t a reason for it; there wes neither traumatic events nor bullying to explain it. Her parents never got divorced. The doctors called it a congenital character defect, and then sent her poor parents into the world with a child that was a fist fight waiting to happen. When she reached her teens, she actually quieted down, but only because she had learned that she could get paid to hit people if she joined Starfleet. Everyone around her actually got more afraid of her focused anger, but as she did well in school, Starfleet let her in. Starfleet Command did learn early to never send her on diplomatic missions alone, unless you wanted to the send the same kind of message that you’d send with a baseball bat.

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