“Yes, let the anger flow through you!”

So, it’s been a month. What in the hell happened? Well, my week’s vacation was spent sleeping poorly, because I still have problems going between nights and days, and when I can’t sleep, I have problems writing. Then, the next week I was sleeping alright, and therefor was in a good mood the entire week. Unfortunately, this past week, the two nightshift guys called off on different days, and guess who had to cover for them? So, I was pissed and lacking in sleep, a combination made in hell.

Still not completely right (was I ever?) but hey, I found something to piss me off enough to rant: I give you the most “head up the ass” idea ever stolen from the Chinese. The short version is that people want to protect society from porn, following in the footsteps of those Internet Nazis (I honestly could give a fuck about Godwin’s law…) Yet, being pissed wasn’t enough to get me writing… No, it took a line from Sir Terry Pratchett to fortify my indignation, rally my mind around the cause, and get my fingers moving again. From Soul Music:

They’d assumed that insulating her from the fluffy edges of the world was the safest thing to do. In the circumstances, this was like not telling people about self-defense so that no one would ever attack them.

One can debate the validity of that quote in these circumstances, but it doesn’t matter to me, because it got me writing, and still brings up a good point: less information is not always good. While I will admit that porn might not be “healthy” for society (for whatever that means; I recently saw a documentary on dogs where certain researchers called pooches “parasites”), I don’t think that censoring any and all porn is a good thing, because one man’s porn is another man’s artwork.

Beyond that, there are so many things these people claim in that article, that I could write three times that amount just tearing their arguments apart, so I’m going to present my solution in short: more information, not less information. Educate kids about porn, don’t hide it from them. Socialize the kids, because in all honesty, school isn’t really about information (which they’ll forget in 5 years any ways, unless they are a freak like me) but about socialization. Hell, if you really want to shape society, that’s where it happens. The problem is that those on top don’t want those on bottom to think for themselves, otherwise why would they hide the one thing that helps people make decisions: information.

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