We’re all somebody’s bitch

There are days when I try to decide if I’m cynical, a pessimist, or a realist.  Depending on my mood, I cycle between all three, or just think I’m a hodgepodge, a stew of them all.  And then there are days when I say, “Fuck it, I doesn’t bloody matter.”

When I do the activist report, I just find myself thinking, “How bloody naive are you twats?”  Especially when they bring up money.  It goes back to something I’ve said many times, “Sins are great when your opponent is making them, and they are out of sight out of mind when your side makes them.”  Did they ever stop and wonder where their money is coming from, and most importantly, why the bills are being paid?

Most of them would argue that it doesn’t matter, because ther cause is pure, but that is the typical blindness mentioned above.  Of course, I could just shut up about it, and mind my carbon footprint, but to that I say, “Why should I shut up now?  Awkward silences aren’t much fun!”  Polution sucks, yes, but there’s more to it than just that.

Then again, I’m a cynical, pessimistic realist. 

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