Can I goes home now?

I’m standing at the college bookstore, waiting to pick up my weborder, and going insane listening to some dickhead expound about the virtues of Apple, including the dreaded “security through obscurity.”  I just want to go home.  Oh wait-

I got what I wanted and got to go home, but not a moment too soon: I was ready to bludgeon someone with their own stupidity.  After a long, NASCAR quality thought process, I came to the realization that I should encourage anyone that asks me to buy an Apple, for two very selfish reasons. #1: so I can tell people that I can’t help them when the bloody thing goes tits up. And #2, and it’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch: so it becomes a very tempting target, and I never, ever have to listen to the obscurity argument ever bloody again.  I will howl in delight when the first huge trojan outbreak hits Apple, because if I even hear conversation in passing, I will go out of my fucking way to tell them that they are wrong, and have some damned proof to back me up.   Me, vindictive?  Never.

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