Just a little bit longer…

Almost done with my current class.  One paper to write, and a team project to present.  I’m not sure how much I care about the pesentation tomorrow evening.  Much of the class has been bullshit, so nothing new there.  I’ll probably enlist Josh’s help for the final paper; if I’m going to Bullshit, might as well bring in the best.

Oh, and writing 100-150 words for a paragraph has been harder than anticipated. 
Three more days until Civ5.  I’ve gone over the manual several times and I’m very excited.  There are times when I wonder if I should re-examinemy priorities, because of this Civ addiction, then I think, “At least it wasn’t cocaine.”  There are worse things in life than sitting in front of a computer screen, manipulting the flows of history.  At least I’m thinking, and sometimes am even inspired by what I experience in the game.  In fact, I even started to rethink my view on history because of something I read in the Civ5 manual.
Something I’ve noticed is that during my 4 day work stretches is that I start  running out gas on my 3rd day.  Don’t get much writing done then.  That, and My frustrations are starting to win; I don’t think I’ve been this impatient in life for a long, long time.  I learned long ago that life just happens, and toe tapping gets you nowhere.  But I’m not feeling that right now.    Oh well, life goes on.  Now time for bed.

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