So, Dropbox…

I started writing my novel. Again. For like the *insert very high number here*th time. External forces forced me to do it, because otherwise I would have gone insane from frustration and waiting. Nothing like being at the mercy of another, waiting on them impatiently to respond to get the juices going. That, and a new phone that has a usable keyboard, and the ability to manipulate word docs. The problem with having more than one place to manipulate files is that it is often cumbersome trying to keep them synced, especially since I have a habit of going from one computer to another and back in the course of a single evening. Well, with Dropbox, it isn’t a problem anymore, even between my phone and the rest of my PCs (I should have went with Android a long time ago… but I didn’t recognize that Palm had made a strategic error by trying to play Apple’s game until recently…) Any ways, yeah, I can write whenever I want now and not have to do deal with the awkwardness of hooking up my phone, and remembering to sync my PC… or losing my phone, and my files.

Technology is great, but if it was installed in my head, it’d be even better.

I’m not sure if this’ll work, but here is what I think is the referral link for Dropbox.

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