I must be doing it wrong

From a description of one of my homework assignments:

Write 3-4 paragraphs (about 100-150 words)

I looked at that and went, “Uhm… 150 words is one of my average paragraphs. In fact, I don’t think I could break 100 words into 3-4 sentences.” Ok, that last was a lie, but still, the point still stands that either my idea of a paragraph or their idea of a paragraph has to be wrong. Or maybe I’m just being pedantic, a trait that flares up like a case of hemorrhoids (a word that is really hard to spell right without a dictionary.) Instead of bloody stools, I get case of “do you want a bloody mouth, boy?” While pedantics might have a use for some reason that I can’t think of (research is the only thing that comes to mind; insisting that it’s e=mc^2 instead of e=mc*2 might be the difference between life and death!) in everyday discourse it’s just bloody annoying. “Actually, it was Riker that took it up the…”

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