Comic archive dump!

Ah, another Comic archive dump. Twas a good one too. Sorry ahead of time for the Arnold link, because I know someone will click it.

Uh huh.
Don’t click on this link, because he’s still there. (I wonder if I’m part of the reason that Arnold is still showing off on that search.)
Oh, so that’s what I’ve been doing wrong.
Like duh.
My new goal in life.
I will be sure to keep these in mind…
Dammit, he’s on to me.
Dammit, now he’s infected my mind.
Dammit, now he’s reading my mind.
*Nods enthusiastically.*
Yet another new goal… I’ve always wanted to start my own religion.
Makes sense to me.
*Nods sadly.*
*Double checks.*
*Takes notes.*
Dude… just, Dude.
Gift will approve.

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