Making it harder than it really is

So, I’m back to school, and most of the way through a six week course.  I’m currently writing a paper about online learning and adult learning… And completely forgot how to use the online database even though I had successfully used it a week ago… Two hours wasted.  This supposed three hour paper is turning Ulysses’s Odyssey.

My apologies to people that visited because of my link to the Schlock blog; I really don’t do these things to drive up my views.  I do it because this is a mental dump, and I prefer giving context to the shit I post.

Edit: This is 12 hours later, and I have the literary equivalent of stage fright. It isn’t quite writer’s block, because then thoughts aren’t even crossing my mind then. No, thoughts are darting in and out like frightened deer, and I can’t relax enough to write. It isn’t even that long of a paper, just one bloody page. Hell, I’ve done that many, many times before. To make it worse, classical music isn’t putting a dent into my mindset. Yet, here I am posting here, hoping that something gets knocked loose.

Bloody, bloody hell. I’ll be OK, I swear. Might be time to change up music.

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