Talking to myself… again

So I Im’ed Gift this, thinking that he was available, and then his status went Busy… So basically, I was talking to myself yet again. It was OK, because it gave me the impetus to post it here:

J: Why is it people think that a great speech is such a great thing?
Especially, someone in office that I shall not name… even though everything he’s done up to this point has been like spitting in the wind
as if a speech is suddenly going to turn everything around and make life honky dory once again
yet people keep getting suckered by his speeches
J: I will admit that I got kind of annoyed one time when it was brought up that someone gave great speeches and replied, “So did Hitler.”

You can probably guess who I’m talking about… and yes, I really did make a comparison between him and Hitler. Whatcha going to do?

In hindsight, the “spitting in the wind” part is probably inaccurate… Except that he’s promised to spend even more money to fix things… Meh, I should probably work on the group homework. Or my paper… or something.

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