I shouldn’t admit to this…

But I really, truly, completely hate the Smurfs. I hate them with a passion that hasn’t abated since they were on the same time as The Ewoks, and I was “forced” to watch the Smurfs instead. That’s been 25 years ago, and my hatred of them still burns brightly. So when I read the following quote from here, I realized that there aren’t many reasons that I could justify to myself committing murder…

When I lived in the Midwest, I was told the tale of a person who was taken to a con by some folks, tied to the bed in their hotel room, and left there with a VCR playing a recording of episodes of _The Smurfs_.

*ALL* of them.


Apparently at one point, the victim (?) managed to move the entire bed close enough to the VCR to switch it off — upon discovery of this, his captors re-tied him, secured the bed, and restarted the marathon.

*From The Beginning*.

Seriously. Even if you think it’s funny, don’t ever do this to me, (even if it’s revenge for the Carpet Bombing thing, which does justify revenge, I will admit) because I will make sure that I never talk to you again. One way or another.

2 Responses to “I shouldn’t admit to this…”

  1. Igor the Beaver Says:

    That were me what writted that — and as I recall, the idea *was* to inflict upon the victim some measure of vengeance….

    It. Worked. >:)

  2. You know… I shudder at the thought what that person did to deserve that… I might have nightmares when I go home. You could probably pull my toenails out, and it would be less horrible than that fate.

    Btw, I’m sorry I didn’t properly attribute that nightmare… I didn’t think anyone would take credit for it. 😛

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