So I started to read Marx’s manifesto…

… and to be honest, I’m having a hard time with it, because the entire thing smells of horse from the get-go. It is at best, a “rose colored glasses” view of history, with the prots as noble men that are laboring unjustly under the whips of the bourgeois, kept down as the heel of Capitalism grinds their bones into dirt. I have one story that proves that his vision is a corpse that should have been buried a long time ago: my dad, who is as blue collar as can be, has never worked in a Union shop until his current job, complained about the people telling him not to help anyone having problems, because they are taking advantage of him. “I thought the point of working was to actually work,” he said, “because if we aren’t there to help the company make money, what are we there for?” One could argue that he’s been brainwashed into being a dog for the Man, but I posit that people are inherently lazy, and unless they have a reason to work, they won’t. Or in other words: people will do as little as possible, unless it’s for their own well-being.

I’m torn about if this is a complaint on my part or not, because you see this sort of thing in nature all the time. The entire feline family is built around the theory of “Why run if food isn’t involved?” Conservation of energy is paramount to survival.

Any ways, one last parting cheap shot at a man long dead, except for his theory: people work best in hierarchies (you know, that whole genetics thing again) and any time you overthrow the old assholes, all you are doing is creating a hole for an entire new generation of assholes to take their places. And when assholes end up on top, they take the same amount of spoils as the previous assholes took. One glance at career politicians in Washington will prove that point. Churn is inevitable, and a certain amount of churn is good. Too bad those on top like being there.

Edit: Mainly because I hate it when scientists try to play up the Climate Change card on everything: climate and African conflicts not necessarily linked.

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