Telling stories on myself

I’m a firm believer in telling stories, even those that might embarrass me, because what’s the point in going through a learning experience if you don’t pass it on, no matter how stpid you look.  Case in point: I spent an hour and a half driving because I was too stupid to find out the address before I left the house.  I made some assumptions, and ended up in the wrong city.  I was mad at myself for almost the entire trip tot the right city.   Couldn’t get myself out of the feedback loop, even though I was trying to talk myself out of being angry (I knew how stupid it was, but my mind would just not let go.)

My mom fixed it when she was excited to see me when I got there.  Thanks Mom.

So why tell this story at all? Because sometimes your purpose in life is to be a warning to others.  Also, in retrospect, it was funny. Lessons (re)learned: 1) Don’t make assumptions; verify before leaving for somewhere. 2) Slow down, take your time. 3) There’s another lesson here somewhere, but it’s too late for me to remember.

The night got better after that.  The music was pretty good, they had a small fire going (love fire), Stacey is going to draw stuff for the ZombieCon game, and I got to hang around my friend Tad for too many hours (meant to stay only an hour…)

So, it’s all good.

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