So there I was, knee deep in Ogre blood…

…Screaming, “Bring it on bitches!” I had just successfully cleared out a dungeon, and I was feeling my oats. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a dungeon around, and I was far in the West, well away from the war between my Eastern neighbors (there is nothing more pitiful and annoying than receiving magic messages that say, “Please join my side!”) I would have teleported back to the action, but I was out of mana. I had heard rumors of a bandit army to the North, and was about to rouse my giants and heroes to check it out when:

Elemental has stopped responding.

I was actually relieved. It was later than I thought it was, and I had stuff to do (like get things done for school and laundry…) It says a lot when a bug saves you from being completely sucked into the game.

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