Reminder to not get too excited… it’s just a (computer) model

When I read the article behind this link, I damn near screamed out, “All of you AGWers can suck my dick!” Since I’m at work, that would have been… unfortunate. The following line really made me excited:

The computer models showed that the thermosphere cooled in 2008 by 41 Kelvins (about 74 degrees Fahrenheit or 41 degrees Celsius) compared to 1996, with just 2 Kelvins attributable to the carbon dioxide increase.

Then I remembered two things: 1) It was talking about the thermosphere, not the entire atmosphere and 2) it was done by computer modelling. Still, it makes me wonder if Al Gore will blow out his brains if it comes to light (ha) that the sun was the driving factor behind climate change. My bet is that he’ll be long dead before any incontrovertible proof comes out supporting either side.

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