Blah, blah, blah, blah

I’ve been watching my personal Russian Front for the past week (or however long it’s been) since I emailed her saying definitively “Goodbye” and yet she keeps emailing me. Even though she’s replying to an email that says that I won’t be replying to her. There are so many words to call her and so little time, so I’m just going to keep watching them, not replying to her. My expectations are that she will yo-yo between “Oh, how I love you” to “Why in the bloody fuck aren’t you replying to me?!” I’m actually curious about this woman again, but for different reasons: I wonder how long she will keep this up. Considering the amount of crazy I have witnessed over the course of this, I won’t bet money on it.

I watched Gorky Park tonight and saw the Emperor deliver an Emperor-line “You are not long for this world.” I always find Ian McDiarmid entertaining; his Emperor in the prequels is one of the reasons I can still rewatch them. He just oozes whenever he’s on the screen, which is perfect for the role.

I also have been reading Superfusion, a book about how China and America became one economy. It’s interesting, and I have learned things I wouldn’t have otherwise (like how Avon and KFC took advantage of the early Chinese economic reform…) I’m undecided if he’s right or not, but I’m not finished, so we’ll see. The book did give me the idea of looking at the economic/political picture like plate tectonics, where cultures/economies rub against each other (although the idea breaks down after sea travel became relatively easy… the difference between pre- and post-Columbus empires for example.) So food for thought no matter what.

More searches for Andosex on my blog. At this point, I have no idea where the original andosex search came from, since I keep referring to it, therefor muddying the waters even further. Once again, I’m trying to decide if I feel sorry for the poor bastards that are looking for it and find… this instead. Oh, and someone searched my “name” and found this place. Odds are they came from the volokh conspiracy. I didn’t think my response was that interesting, and I know my blog isn’t either. There are very good reasons that I called this place a mental dump, and why you need a condom for your brain when visiting here… The inanity and insanity are corrupting influences. Run while you can!

I’m kind of pissed that Elemental and Civ5 are coming out soon. Either of them alone would be enough to fulfill my crack habit for a year. Two released a month within each other?! I’m fucked.

Time to try to sleep, again.

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