Starcraft 2: the demo that sucked out my soul

I don’t blame Kalis for giving me the Demo key; if it hadn’t been him, it would have been someone else. No, the blame lies squarely on my shoulders. I should have said “No” to the demo completely, but I thought, “Well, it couldn’t be that bad, could it?” And then the installation screens started reminding me the history of StarCraft, and my addiction twinged; I spent many hours playing SC, had much fun playing it, and loved the story. I wasn’t excited quite yet, until I saw the first movie, and then I started getting excited. After kicking some Dominion ass, passing a few porta-potties, and shot up some holosigns… Yeah, my addiction was starting to get revved up. After I hit the bar, met Tycho, and then fought some zerg, it destined that I buy the game. I’m sorry everyone that knows me; it’s going to be a bitch getting me away from this. And the next couple months don’t look good. Elemental is next month. Civ5 is September. And somewhere I need to fit in school, and somehow get some writing done.

Well, at least I’ll be having fun wasting my life away.

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