Maybe I’m looking at it wrong… AKA How TV won the Cold War

I started to write one thing, pointing out this article on crowd-sourcing, which is intriguing, but then I came across a movie on Hulu that made me stop and ponder, then finally grin as I realized how wrong I was about Grassroots Movements: Disco and the Atomic War.(Warning: almost the entire movie is subtitled.)

The thing I really dig about this documentary was how the CIA planted a seed of dissent, and then simply watered it with the unending flow of television, letting Western TV programming tell the story, as opposed to force feeding ideas into people’s heads. That to me is a true GM, as opposed to, ACORN and their ilk, who are just as bad, if not worse (yes, I am biased, no I’m not ashamed of it) than any Right Wing Demagogue.

The funny thing about this movie: listening to the Soviet officials almost sound like a Right Wing Demagogue: the word “amoral” has popped up several times during the interviews.

A microchip dealer, lol!

Knight Rider as a subversive agent… who would have thought? And then Star Wars… Wow.

And then the twist… I didn’t expect a twist in a documentary of all things: the KGB used an entire city as a lab experiment to see the effect of Western TV on Soviet citizens.

As I hit the end of the movie, it hit me once again: I’m a happily cynical. I think that everything is going to go boom, that for all of the good intentions, it’s all going to get subverted anyways… Yet, it doesn’t bother me (most of the time.) There isn’t anything I can do to change it, so life will go on.

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