And speaking of reality…

I know I shouldn’t speak of things that I have little knowledge about, but I can’t help but think that the Trucker’s Union in Greece are absolutely bloody clueless. That article just reminded me about my theory of social fossilization, how something dynamic ends up becoming just like the thing that they wanted to change in the first place. At least here in the States, unions formed to battle harsh working environments, long working hours, and general abuse by company owners. As a whole, our society is better for their existence…

Except that the Unions lost their flexibility, and instead of adapting to a changing environment, they are fighting a battle using obsolete tactics for obsolete goals. Obviously people hate change, but at some point you figure it would dawn on them that everything they stand for has been washed out to see along with the economy, and that instead of trying to build a sand castle at low tide, they would move up on the beach where everyone else is standing. (Where in the hell did that metaphor come from?)

The whole thing kind of depresses me, because these people have an opportunity to be the force behind the change, instead of trying to hold back the inevitable. To make it even sadder, many, many people are suffering or are going to suffer because of their inability to roll with the changes.

Ah well, not much that I can do about it.

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