Back to reality… the Russian Front is over

I sent an email, telling her as nicely as possible (I even took all the blame [no, I know it’s not my fault that she has a borderline personality]) that I wasn’t going to be reading or replying to her emails, and then blocked her email address. I imagine that she will be going through email addresses like water once she realizes that I blocked her; me and Mr. Block are probably going to be really good friends for a while. I hope that she doesn’t over-react, but it’s completely out of my hands, so I’ll move on with my life. I will say that I’m glad I encountered this online, as opposed to in Real Life (aka she would know where I live and possibly hurt my cat, which would be grounds for her to meet Mr. Mallet.) So, while it was confusing and emotionally draining, it was good that I noticed that communication with her was a bad thing, sought out opinions and help, and finally pulled the plug before it went even further.

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