What the hell is up with editting these days?

Admission: I do not edit my blog very well. In fact, when I notice things wrong in things I’ve written, I say “Fuck it” and go on with my life. I’m not being paid to do this, and honestly the people that read my blog aren’t interested at all in my superior English skills. (Honestly, I have no idea why people come here at all, except for the wonderful search terms people use… like “scorpion kings pussy shot”… *sniffs happily*)

So what’s my problem? Sites that are supposed to be more journalistic that this piece of shit that are doing piss poor jobs of creating articles that make any sense at all. Actually, let me quote that article in it’s entirety.

The Khronos Group announced in a press release that the OpenGL graphics API has reached specification version 4.1. OpenGL is one of two major graphics APIs–the toolsets programmers use to build games and other apps that use 3D graphics–supported by hardware the hardware manufacturers that produce the graphic chipsets for everything from desktop computer to smartphones (the other is Microsoft’s proprietary DirectX technology).

That entire last sentence makes my left eye twitch, and gives me mental constipation. In fact, right now, my mind is tripping over itself whenever I think about that sentence. And I have seen this many times during my trawling over the internet. Are decent editors that hard to find?

In other news, I feel sorry for the poor, poor bastards that ended up here after clicking on the link on The Volokh Conspiracy. I’m sorry. I truly am. I didn’t think anyone click it. I swear.

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