My obsession with the Internet has been scientifically justified!

People are happier doing something rather than nothing, as long as they can justify it. So, all of those hours I have spent on the Internet have been scientifically explained. And from a energy consumption point of view, you can’t get more “energy saving” than surfing the net. Hell, I gained thirty pounds when I went from walking all day to sitting on my ass. (Which shows how skinny I was back in the day, although to be honest I have started walking a few times a week, and plan on doing sit-ups any day now. At least that is what I keep on telling myself. [I’m tired of jogging across the street and my stomach jogging behind me.])

Interesting, but potentially a list of bullshit: the Smithsonian lists 40 things we “need to know” about the next 40 years. I’ll let you make up your own mind about that list.

For some reason, I’ve accumulated a few Apple related tabs (meaning articles that I’ve just let sit in a tab because I’ve meant to say something about them,) probably building up my hatred of all things Jobsian. Anyways, and article investigating the science of Apple Fanaticism. Considering that Apple can get away with building a phone that lost connection by simply holding it wrong… And then simply give away “bumpers” (whatever those are) and no one complain about how evil Apple is. Hell, they could have kept the problem from happening in the first place.

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