Religion and math, a match made in…

So, I’ve spent today bouncing between playing the Elemental: War of Magic beta and reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Often I would play until the game crashed, then do some more reading, go back to playing, back and forth all day. It has been relaxing. I think I’ve finally gotten my sleep back under some semblance of control, but that remains to be seen. I was actually in the midst of reading Anathem again when I read a line that I absolutely had to share, so to the Internet I returned, but since it’s a bit of a spoiler, I’ll post it at the end.

I also had two Mormons knock on my door. They were fortunate that I was in the mood to talk. Considering that I find most religions stifling, I seriously doubt I’ll ever convert. While I’m a spiritual man, I look askance at anything anyone preaches, mainly because I’ve found my own way to God well enough this far, why in the bloody Hell would I turn my beliefs over to someone else now? But there still might be something to learn from them, so we’ll see.

As for the Russian Front, the last email I got from her was damned near heartbreaking: it was seven sentences that basically pleaded with me to say something, anything. I know that I’ve joked about being an asshole here, and there are times when I have a certain disconnect with why people feel the way they do (like racism… Although that particular disconnect comes from the fact that I had learned long ago how to deal with people being assholes towards me, and learned how to keep my power away from them,) but when I read those words, I knew that I hadn’t lost my connection with humanity (not that I ever seriously doubted…) Knowing that I had to say something, anything, I gave her a summary of what happened Monday night. No details, no names, just enough to hopefully keep her going until I can talk with my psychologist and figure out what in the Hell I’m going to do. I know that it really isn’t my responsibility, that she’s a big girl, but when I opened that Pandora’s Time Bomb, I just can’t let it go off without trying something.

Although I’m still open to possibility that someone is seriously trying to yank my chain, but I’m doubting it. Two weeks of emails that have been half-heartedly replied to probably would have sent most pranksters towards more fertile ground. But any ways, I’ll lay money that I’ll get an email some time this morning, so we’ll see when I wake up. Dammit, I lead an odd life sometimes.

So, now for the spoiler. Click the more; you know you want to.

“I can’t predict the future,” I said, “but based on what little I know so far, I’m afraid it has to be a massive adventure or nothing.”
“Probably the kind of adventure that ends in a mass burial.”
That quieted her down a little bit. But after a while, she said: “Do you need transportation? Tools? Stuff?”
“Our opponent is an alien startship packed with atomic bombs,” I said. “We have a protractor.”
“Okay, I’ll go home and see if I can scrounge up a ruler and a piece of string.”

To imagine the story started with a clock being rewound by 4 guys.

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