I think the Eightball is a singularity!

I got yet another referral from a Christian drug abuse site. At first, I was like, “What the hell?!” And then I saw that the Evil Dead Adventure (EDA) pages got the hits (second and third parts strangely enough… why not go whole hog and read the original post? Oh well) and immediately thought: The Eightball. I mean, who doesn’t love the Eightball?! Of all things out of the EDA pages, that is the one thing I’m most proud of, because it is an inherently bren thing to find hilarious. Drug humor is funny to me because I have never, and never will, touch the stuff. (No, I find other, more fucked up ways to make my brain go PING!)

I think that I’m way too fascinated with the people that come to my blog. I mean, what drives them towards this drivel? Don’t get it, but that’s OK. Maybe one of these days someone will be nice enough to go “Well, you see, I was looking for advise on how to kick my cocaine habit, and when the search results showed ‘Eightball’…” You know what? Never mind. I really don’t want to know, because then I might feel guilty for knocking someone off the Wagon. What I don’t know, I will never feel guilty about.

And that is the limits of my thinking right now. I slept decently this morning, but I want to go to bed early to try to sleep even more. I might try to get some Insomniac Zombie writing done before I go to sleep. Maybe.

Oh, and all’s quiet on the Russian Front. My guess is that she doesn’t go to the cafe on the weekends.

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