“Andosex again?! Didn’t we do that last week?”

First! What in the hell is Andosex? Why does everyone keep searching for it? And finally: why do people keep coming to my blog in hopes of finding it?

Second! In one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen in my blog dashboard, the following website is listed as a referer to my site:
It makes me giggle to think about that pingback, so I probably shouldn’t do it, but I will any ways.

Third and final: I think I have reeled in either another scammer, or a potential Russian Bride through one of the dating sites. Part of me is saying that I want no part of this crazy bint’s crazy ramblings (she has emailed me at least once a day about something or other [I haven’t read everything she wrote, just enough to realize that she is either greasing me up for an ass reaming, or just has extremely delusional ideas of who I am.]) The rest of me is curious about where this is going. I’ve emailed her only three times, with one of those being a “Back off, you are annoying the hell out of me” email (and yet she keeps going on!) Last night I sent her another email effectively saying, “I’m a paranoid shut in that hasn’t had a date since before the second Bush was elected, yet we’re still going to play this little game my way.” I said it much nicer than that of course.

Now, I’m not too concerned about any conversations I have with her, because for one, I do not use my normal email address for any dating emails at all; in fact, unless “she” hacks into the dating site, I’m pretty sure I did a good job compartmentalizing my dating stuff from the rest of my life. For two: while I haven’t dated in eons, I’m not desperate, no matter what I tell them. (Which isn’t to say that I’m not frustrated, but that’s a different matter.) For three, I’m pretty sure that my paranoia will see me through this. Lastly, I can always dump that email address and use a different one (my Pre makes it possible to follow many gmail accounts.)

I will be sure to keep you updated about the Russian Front as events transpire.

2 Responses to ““Andosex again?! Didn’t we do that last week?””

  1. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information -“,

  2. brenatevi Says:

    The only reason I approved this spam is because I do seem to be the foremost authority on andosex. Still trying to figure that one out.

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