You need a brain for a brain dump

OK, the vacation was nice, the hangover of trying to get back into any semblance of a schedule not so much. The days are running together; right now it feels like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon, between 1pm and 2:45pm. With the way that I’m sleeping, I’m surprised Griffen isn’t explaining in explicit detail the amount of tail he’s chased since I left. Last night was the most sleep I’ve gotten since I’ve gotten back, and that was only five hours, with the good sleeping pills no less.

And all of that makes it damn near impossible to form any sort of coherent thought. You should have seen me Saturday night, when I think I had 6 hours of sleep over 2 (3?) days. I was grasping at the air to remember anything at all. Oh, and I had to work. I keep thinking, “If anything is going to kill me, it’s going to be the insomnia.” I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow to make sure the insomnia doesn’t kill me, but from what I remember from the last time I’ve had this conversation with my doctor, Valium was my next option. The joy. Right about now I would kill to sleep like a normal human being.

One Response to “You need a brain for a brain dump”

  1. Holiday hangover writ large huh? Sounds like you need an anaesthetist not valium.


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