One of Bren’s greatest misses

Well shit. I didn’t realize that it’s been almost two weeks since I last put anything here. This past week has been full of 10 hour work days and still trying to recover from the fiasco of the week before; there was a stretch where I had slept 8 hours over 3 days. I’ve got better drugs and I’m sleeping better now. I might just be an addict, but at least I picked something that is helping me contribute to society, as opposed to destroying my nasal cavity, making me even more paranoid than I was before, and making me a potential target of the cops. While that list might sound like fun to someone else, I think I have better things to do with my time, like live relatively sanely.

Any ways, my muse has been a bit dysfunctional lately, probably because she’s as sleep addled as I am (ha! I used that word right) but I have made attempts to write for Kiv’s blog thingie, but often they just don’t feel right to me, and while I’m willing to throw up any shit on this blog when I feel like writing at all, I feel kind of bad for putting up horrendous crap on there. But since those turds are just lying around…

The Digital Zombie Apocalypse
A psychiatrist gets addicted to the very thing he was trying to stop.
How they get you addicted.
How can you tell the difference between addiction and having fun?
Another mode of infection.

The first three articles are obviously related; gaming under the wrong circumstances can lead to severe addiction. All gamers are addicted in a way, but for some of us, the game becomes our life, becomes the thing that we live for; it’s the difference between a beer every night and drinking a twelve pack. I’ve been there, and there are no t-shirts for living in that world. Throw in the fact that the deck is stacked against us by our own physiology, and we are blessed that there aren’t more severe gaming addicts.

Then I saw the article about the man that infected his RFID implant with a virus, and some of the future advances that they foresee, and a thought popped into my mind about some of the implications, some of the dangers that might possibly lie in wait for us at the end of the rabbit hole. Before I continue, understand that I am not a luddite; I enjoy technology unhypocritically, without any regret at all. Yet, I understand that technology can be hazardous if used carelessly; entire bank accounts have been drained, lives destroyed because someone was careless with that box you are using right now.

So, a researcher purposely infected his RFID, leading to computers that he wirelessly contacted to become infected. So how does that lead to my supposed zombie apocalypse (or zombocalypse, cribbed from Otto, here)? Well, information can go both ways, unless you have a properly configured firewall (and even that can be coopted.) “It’s only a chip under the skin, how is that so bad?” Towards the end of the article, they talk about some of the other uses of biocomputers, like pacemakers and brain implants. The Ghost in the Shell franchise has more than adequately covered some of the nefarious things that can be done with cyberization, like hacking a person’s eyes, or hacking their brain (and therefor controlling their actions…) But what happens when we can’t stop playing the games that are hooked directly into our brain?

It makes me nervous thinking about someone having a direct connection to my synapses, to my mental chemistry, where they can adjust my mental state to my/their satisfaction. Sure, I’ve been taking drugs my entire life, but having that computer in my head is much more far reaching, because once I put in the computer, I will want to network it, and once it’s on the network… You know all of that malware that crawls out there now? Viruses, trojans, phishing… None of them hold a candle to what is possible with a literal “embedded” computer. Hell, it doesn’t even require the computer adjusting the chemicals, because all it would take a game that pushes the right buttons, to evoke the “dirty tricks” game developers use to get us to keep playing.

I’m not sure exactly why this one fell apart on me. My guess is that I tried reaching too far and the sun got me. I might yet finish it, but at this point I doubt it.

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