If I made Apple products, I’d jump too

So, Kiv asked me to start blogging at Veedeeoo.info a while back, and I agreed, even though I warned him that sometimes my rate of writing is on par with Glacier speeds. Well… I’ve actually written several articles, and deleted a few more. God knows how long that’ll last, but hey! I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Below is one that I wrote that just sounded too wrong for that site, so I decided to post it here instead.

To what lengths will Foxconn go to stop the suicides? And does it have anything to do with Apple? I know that it’s wrong to make fun of people killing themselves, but I’m OK if people get pissed at me for crossing that line, just as long as I can take another crack at Apple. I need anything to feel better after reading that Apple was briefly the world’s largest tech company. My eye is still twitching three hours later. Not that I’m a MS fanboy, I just hate Apple that much. (Not so much that I won’t tell people to not buy Apple, because that’s a personal choice…)

Honestly, I feel bad for the Chinese workers at Foxconn, because obviously something is very wrong there. In a nation where factory work is seen as a blessing, an escape from the poverty of working in the fields, it has to be pretty bad for these workers to consider taking their lives instead of continuing to work. Also, something I find a bit alarming is that Apple isn’t offering to help resolve whatever problems Foxconn might be having, but instead is “pressuring” Fozconn to fix the situation. Granted, it might be a cultural thing, but the least Apple could do is offer, even if the Chinese turn it down. Reading that, it makes Apple sound even more like greedy pricks than they already are in my mind.

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