Scientists are people too…

This article clarified something that I had suspected a while back about the personalities behind the over the science of global warming. I’ll admit that once upon a time, I had thought that there was a conspiracy going on in the AGWer camp, but as I kept reading articles that I didn’t necessarily agree with (which can be downright difficult,) I started to have doubts. Oh, I have no doubts that they over-blowing the issue, and using fear instead of logic to win the debate. No, the doubts came in the “Why?”

And if I read that article correctly, it started ironically enough by German scientists arguing to use more nuclear power. Eventually a feedback loop occurred, as both industrialists and environmentalists became increasingly strident, feeding off each other like two sharks with a grasp on each other’s tail. It’s a tragedy, really. Instead of working with each other to find a solution, instead we have a line in the sand with no middle ground, and we end up with this senseless fear-mongering on both sides that serves no one, especially in this political landscape, where scientists are basically arguing to wreck the economy even further by arguing that Scratch that; I’m going to admit to giving into my biases on that one. I don’t think that curbing power use is necessarily a good idea, especially since the company I worked for just gave severance packages to over 10% of its work force. Innovation is the better way to go, not swinging an economic wrecking ball… OK, couldn’t resist after all.

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